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Dialed In

Introducing the all new Cape Horn 36XS – extra seating and storage.  More of everything found its way into this newest Cape Horn offering.


Expand your destination possibilities. Whether exploring the canyons or entertaining a group the 36XS has you covered.  The helm station wraps the driver and passengers in bolstered seats and provides generous drawers and compartments for all tackle/storage needs. The rear facing seat conceals a huge 60 gal. live well.  An additional 20 gal. well in the transom doubles as a storage box when needed.  A large, rear fold-away bench and forward lounge entertain the crew. An optional vacu-flush head can be placed in the console next to the concealed pull out stainless sink. The EPS steering allows easy upgrade to joystick control.


An oversized hardtop provides a sleek and modern design that easily accepts a second station if desired. The two large boxes above provide plenty of storage for all your gear.  All will appreciate a host of lighting options, (6) flush mounted speakers and standard telescoping outriggers.


A huge dash provides plenty of room for multiple large screen displays.  Additional storage is discovered in the huge walk-in console.  A drink cooler is offered beneath the flip up front seat that quickly transforms into a lounge seat with a flip-up foot rest.  A 9’ fully insulated fish box offers 1400 quarts of frozen storage that is pumped overboard during cleanup.

GO Custom

Each 36XS like all Cape Horns is hand tailored with yacht quality hardware and goods.  Choose one of our popular schemes or custom design to your personal taste with a host of upholstery styles and hull color combinations.  While the extra storage, extra seating and extra comfort help soften the edges, your personal touch will define the 36XS.

6000 Standard Standard Standard S—Triple Standard Standard Standard Optional Not Available Standard Standard Optional S (5) Optional 6' 3" Not Available Standard 60/20 Standard Standard S (112 QT) 9'—1400 Standard Standard Standard 25 Standard Standard Standard 16 x 48 Standard Optional Standard Standard 30 Optional Optional Optional More

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Cape Horn Model Comparison Chart

S — Standard O — Optional NA — Not Available
1 22OS 22' 9" 9' 1" 16" 20 2775 300 127 2500 S S S S—Dual NA S S NA S O O O S O 5' 4" S NA 40 NA O O 4'—400 S S S 24 S NA NA 14 x 30 S NA S S 0-9 O O O More
2 24XS 25' 1" 9' 1" 20" 23 3700 400 136 3000 S S S S—Dual O S S O S O O O S O 6' 2" S O 40/35 S S S 6'—470 S S S 20 S S O 11 x 30 S O S S 20 O O O More
3 24OS 25' 1" 9' 1" 20" 23 3700 400 136 3000 S S S S—Dual O S S O S O O O S O 6' 2" S O 40/35 NA S S 6'—470 S S S 20 S O NA 11 x 30 S O S S 20 O O O More
4 27XS 26' 9" 9' 22" 23 4200 450 165 3000 S S S S—Dual O S S O S O O O S O 6' 2" S O 40 S S S 7'—700 S S S 25 S S O 16 x 34 S O S S 20 O O O More
5 31T 31' 8" 9' 1" 22" 23 5300 700 273 4000 S S S S—Triple O S S O S O O O S O 6' 2" S O 60/26 NA O S 7'—740 S S S 26 S O NA 12 x 37 S O S S 20 O O O More
6 32XS 31' 10" 9' 1" 22" 23 5400 700 273 4000 S S S S—Triple S S S O S O O O S O 6' 3" O S 60/20 S S S 7'—740 S S S 29 S S O 13 x 40 S O S S 20 O O O More
7 36XS 36' 11" 10' 6" 24" 23 7900 1100 410 6000 S S S S—Triple S S S O NA S S O S (5) O 6' 3" NA S 60/20 S S S (112 QT) 9'—1400 S S S 25 S S S 16 x 48 S O S S 30 O O O More
8 36T 36' 11" 10' 6" 24" 23 7900 1100 410 6000 S S S S—Triple S S S O S O O O S O 6' 2" S O 60/20 O S S 9'—1400 S S S 26 S S O 13 x 40 S O S S 20 O O O More